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Lighting Systems

OSA Lighting techniques offers you indoor and outdoor lighting fixture that can light our future. Since founded in 2006, OSA has pioneered the global lighting industry with its own and unique style.

OSA Lighting, which continues to work with a team of experts and OSA is confronted with many successful projects with 12 years of experience. Successfully completed challenging projects with a strong staff,OSA successfully completes many major projects and provides its customers quality and comfort.  

Light is life

 There is light in every area of ​​our life. Light is one of our basic needs. We can perceive and define the environment with our other senses;and of course; With our eyes, this perception and identity is much more easier and accurate with light.

There are two types of light sources in our life: 

1.    Natural Lighting: Sun, the main source of daylight. We can define as natural light.

2.    Artificial Lighting: Light produced by artificial light sources,we can define as visual comfort like a lighting system designed to meet comfort needs,

3.    Indoor Lighting: Various structural items separated from the outside and from the interior lighting system.

4.    Outdoor Lighting: The building's outdoor lighting system. 

Usage area of OSA products: 

·      Offices,

·      Streets and squares,

·      Building exterior,

·      Factories, production facilities and workplaces,

·      In the park gardens

·      Highways and roads

·      Advertising signage,

·      Historical buildings, bridges and monuments,

·      On-site lighting,

·      Traffic signalizations,

·      Television and telephone lights

·      In the automotive sector, interior and exterior lighting,

·      Shipping, boat, aircraft industry,

·      Carpet players

·      Petrol stations,

·      Tennis courts,

…and all your living places that you can think of.